Our History

A Short History Of Calvary Chapels

Pastor Chuck Smith started his ministry at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in Costa Mesa, California, in 1965. Beginning with a congregation of only 25 people, Pastor Chuck saw God bless his simple, yet consistent style of teaching straight through the Bible. 

Moved by the Holy Spirit to reach out to the lost, Pastor Chuck began to share the gospel to a generation of hippies, surfers, and drug addicts. Reaching out to the 'oucasts of society' with the love of Jesus Christ was instrumental in bringing salvation to thousands of young people during the 60s and 70s in what was known as the 'Jesus People Movement'. 

The Holy Spirit continued to grow Calvary Chapel by raising up men to spread this wonderful work of God from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast and beyond through planting Calvary Chapel churches.

Today Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa has grown to over 25,000, while 1,500 Calvary Chapel churches have been planted worldwide through Calvary Chapel Association, of which our church is blessed to be a part. To find out more about Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, please CLICK HERE

To find out where other Calvary Chapels are located in the US and around the world, please CLICK HERE.  

History of calvary chapel temple

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